offered by Janet Greene, Music, Movement and Integration Specialist.

In these six week residencies Janet works with students in the classroom to enhance their understanding of a curriculum area with music and creative movement, while addressing the standards in both disciplines.
Community Education Coordinator Tracy Sawyer (707) 800 7529 or email

Luther Burbank Center for the Arts (LBC) School

1. Sing, Dance and Clap Your Way into Language Literacy

Grade Levels: K-1

Sing and dance language off the page with songs, rhymes, body percussion, musical instruments, singing games and creative movement. These activities develop oral language skills and increase students’ understanding of letters, the sound to symbol connections, syllables, rhyming, nouns,verbs and prepositions.
Depending on grade levels students will create lyrics for their own songs using categories and regular plural endings, and construct new words in the Postman game.

This residency is specially recommended for 2nd language learners.

2. The Science and Mystery of Sound Travel

Grade Levels: 1-3

Explore how sound travels through air, solids and liquids. Learn about vibration, pitch, frequency and dynamics by making musical instruments. Improvise and create musical compositions on boom whacker tubes,rubber band guitar boxes, egg maracas, and a 24 foot long percussion instrument. Learn how our ears capture and process sound and discover how crickets hear with their elbows!

3. The Firebird: A Magical Journey in Music, Dance and Language Arts

Grade Levels: 2-3

In this multi-media residency students “become” the characters of a Russian folk tale through creative movement while experiencing fundamental dance and music elements. They also write their own story about a Magical Creature. The Firebird Suite composed by Igor Stravinsky provides a rich musical score for this music, dance and language arts experience.



Grade Level Pre K - 2

This residency uses the healing powers of music, movement and the imagination to create a joy filled place for social and emotional growth. Through musical stories and creative movement students become:

  • Dancing balloons in the Balloon Garden

  • Statues in the Magic Museum

  • Egg conductors in the Waker and Shaker story

  • Travelers with the Wiggle Waggle Family

  • Mud loving animals in the Wishy Washy story

In Sally’s Magic Sound Sponge story they experience the difference between noisy chaos and peaceful stillness. The addition of singing games in Spanish and English bring a multi-cultural aspect into this residency. Students accompany these stories and singing games with musical instruments including xylophones, glockenspiels, drums and other percussion.

These activities develop the 4 Cs of 21st Century Learning: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. They also develop vocal, rhythmic, instrumental and movement skills addressed in the California Music and Dance Standards.

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